Patty Reilly-Murphy

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A Love of Real Estate. A Passion for Marketing

Patty Reilly-Murphy brings her considerable talents to the residential real estate industry by way of broadcast sales/management. Having spent 30+ years at CBS Radio—specifically, legendary rock station WXRT—Patty is the consummate sales professional. An industry leader, Patty is best known for her keen negotiating skills, instinctive marketing acumen, and outside-of-the-box thinking. Expert at conceiving and implementing multi-platform marketing strategy, Patty understands consumer behavior and knows how to adapt to changing market environments. She is a results-driven solutions provider who has helped clients of all shapes and sizes successfully achieve their goals.

Patty understands that buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Your home will provide the setting for the story of your family; it also sets the stage for your financial health and well-being. Advising you in the sale or purchase of your home is a responsibility Patty takes very seriously. She understands that sales professionals who serve their clients best are those who know how to listen, have razor-sharp powers of observation and know how to read between the lines. They anticipate and understand trends. They know what makes people tick--and they put that knowledge to work for you.

A native of Chicago's north side, Patty and her husband Ron moved to Oak Park in 1984 when they were expecting their first child. It was a deliberate decision. "It was very important to us that we raise our children in a diverse and cultured community. We wanted them to be exposed to people from all walks of life and to develop a real world understanding of society. Proximity to the city was also of utmost importance to us." She has not for one day regretted their move. "I remember feeling completely validated when our oldest son came home

from college at Thanksgiving of his freshman year, and thanked us for raising him in Oak Park. Subsequently, his two younger siblings did the same thing. They realized that they were raised differently, sheltered less, and were more independent than most of the other kids they had met in the dorms."

Patty is deeply committed to the communities in which she lives, and is excited to indulge her love of marketing, real estate and architecture by selling for @properties in Oak Park. "I have always loved real estate. I'm the one who always tracked the listings and watched market trends. So when Greer Haseman approached me with the opportunity to be her partner, I jumped at it. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable and well-respected as Greer, and to turn my passion for real estate—and for the communities of Oak Park/River Forest/Forest Park—into a career."

The Oak Park/River Forest area is home to many real estate firms, so when faced with the decision on which company to work for, Patty & Greer did their due-diligence. "I am first and foremost, a marketer, which is why I'm attracted to real estate in the first place. Real estate is a marketing business and @properties does it better than anybody else out there. In today's world, consumer media consumption habits change with lightning speed. It is critical to be aware of this, to know how to cut through the clutter, and to stay ahead of the curve. And that's exactly what @properties does—they are forward thinking and always on the lookout for the next thing. It is clear to both Greer and me that at @properties, we will be equipped with the latest tools in order to most effectively serve our clients and ensure a successful outcome."